Lazy Breezy Brimmed Beanie

I am knitting a little bit again, but I must say, crocheting is a lot quicker and if you make a mistake, much easier to amend. So after dinner, I thought I’d crochet myself a beanie for winter. 

I had bought a pattern from The Yarn Chick on etsy called the Lazy Breezy Brimmed Beanie. I liked this pattern because it has a brim/visor and I think that style suits me better. Now in my previous posts, you’ve seen me crochet the baby/toddler sizes and they were cute. 

Photo courtesy of The Yarn Chick's Etsy Store


 So I finished mine tonight, in total it probably took an hour or so. With this pattern I added extra 2 rows of Row 6 and 1 extra row of Row 8 to make it more slouchy. I omitted the flower applique, but I can always make one later on and attach it to a brooch pin and have the option to put it on or not.
Can’t wait for the weather to get a bit colder so I can wear it out – still too warm at the moment.

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