Some Knitting …

I’ve been getting a few migraines lately. Most probably because I need to use glasses when I’m on the computer or when sewing. The low-wattage of the light on the lamp by my sewing machine is probably a big contributor as well.

I have been making quite a few bags recently (I promise will post pictures soon) and having the blinds closed during the day (workmen outside our courtyard) is really not making use of natural light. So I thought as a little break I’d do some knitting.

Knitting was actually the first craft I took up when I was pregnant with Josh. I have made a few clothes and stuffed toys for the boys but haven’t been making much of anything lately.

I do have one project that I had started a while ago. It is a fiery dragon scarf that I am making for Josh. I got the pattern from Knitting Minnesota

Picture courtesy of Knitting Minnesota


This is where mine is so far:

Still to put the tail and facial features


So I’m hoping to finish this very soon – although the weather is still quite warm.

I did start another one today and really this project will be my rest from sewing. This one is from the big book of kids’ knits.

The Big Book of Kids Knits


I have made a few stuff from this book already but I wanted to make another penguin (the first one I gave to my cousin’s first daughter)

Page #6


So I started the base today, so stay tuned for whenever I finish it 😛


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