Little Lamb Pillows

Are these adorable or what?

Little Lamb Pillows MADE by Dana


Dana from MADE saw the tutorial from Purl Bee and I too had to make some for the boys. I didn’t have the luxury of having enough wool felt to make these little lambs (I only have the 12″ x 12″ square pieces which I had bought from paperandstring etsy store in rainbow colours). However, I did have fabrics in soft fleece which would be perfect to use for these little pillows.

I made 2: 1 in baby blue and one in yellow and I used black felt for the legs, ears and nose.


They just feel soooo soft and when Josh saw me making them, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on it (he likes sheep at the moment because channel ABC2 shows Timmy Time every afternoon).


The day before, the boys and I listened to some music and rocked on with some of our musical instruments.

Zach playing the xylophone in the middle of the room ...

... then over by the lounge ...

... then trying to run away from me as he thought we were playing chasing

Josh rockin' it out on the electric guitar


When the boys finally got to sleep, I got on to making more bags – so much easier when no little fingers can get to my scissors and pins.

Photo taken by self-timer and on my new tripod


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