Date with my boys

My little guys have been so wonderful in the last couple of days (ok, they’re wonderful all other times) but extra more so in the last two. I have been busy making lots of bags and they have been so lovely by playing nicely, napping at the right time and overall, been very loving and affectionate. So I thought I’d treat us all to a nice day out today.  

So after Zach woke up from his morning nap, got them dressed and off we went to the nearby cafe.  

Josh waiting for our order and giving Mummy a wink

Zach waiting very patiently for his lunch

Ordered apple juice for Josh and Ice Chocolate for me ... which of course the boys had to have some too

Zach having a cucumber from my salad

We shared chicken strips with salad for lunch

Josh of course had to have his with "sauce"


Our little date wasn’t over yet – next stop, the library. So, first I got some books to read – went straight to the craft section of course, and then to the kids section where they have a big toy box.  

Zach enjoying a wire maze toy

Josh found the big box full of toys


While the boys were busily playing, I was checking out 3 books:  

  In Stitches: this one has a great clutch bag that I want to make. Another one is Singer: Creative Gifts & Projects which has lots of great ideas for my projects.  


  This one Embellishments has so many great ways of adding that extra flair to my creations, from beading embroidery, crochet and knitting.  


I am trying to make quite a few stuff as I want to book a stall at our local market in Glebe. They are on every Saturday and the aim is to get a stall for a Saturday in a month’s time. So happy sewing to me and thanks to my wonderful boys (the big one and the small ones) I am able to make a few in a day.  


Oh, here’s a picture of my messenger bag in action:  


It  fitted 2 bottles on the side, 2 nappies, wipes case, bottle of baby food and snack box inside + a pair of Zach’s shoes in the back pocket and my pocket purse in the front pocket. The little loop and button keeps the flap closed but still be easily accessible.  

Also hanging off the stroller is my camera case wristlet (I used my point-and-shoot digital camera for this outing). You can’t see it, but I also made myself a red bandana print pocket clutch that holds 11 cards, lip gloss, my mobile phone, keys and money. So not bad in promoting my own products!  


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