My Messenger Bag

With the boys now having a very regular routine, it’s getting much easier to go outside without having to pack their whole wardrobe or the multitudes of bottles, formulas, snacks and the likes. 

This means the big nappy bag becomes less useful and the smaller ones become a much better size. The small nappy/pram bag we have at the moment is just your typical looking little black backpack – not very stylish given now that I can make my own type of bag. 

Keyka Lou has a pattern for a Messenger Bag that would be perfect as a nappy bag. This pattern I bought directly from Keyka Lou Patterns rather than her etsy shop as it can be instantly downloaded (with the time difference – Michelle is from Portland, Oregon – sometimes I want to get the pattern instantly. Although she is very quick in delivering her pattern through etsy. She either gets up really early or is up really late). 

Image of Messenger Bag PDF Sewing Pattern 


Lincraft had a special on an upholstery fabric for $4.99/metre which was quite thick enough for what was needed – plus I wanted a darker coloured fabric to withstand the daily use. 

The side pocket originally had elastic at the opening but I found this too tight to fit the boys’ bottles easily.

Originally with the elastic


So I took it out and just left it open without the elastic.

Can now easily fit a bottle


I forgot to get the webbing for the strap + the slide and rectangular rings for the adjustable strap. However, I did make do with what I already had on hand. The rectangular rings I took from those extra straps you get from backpacks and the strap I just used 4″ x 72″ piece of the same fabric (this gave a 1″ thick strap) and folded it half and then the sides in half again.


The above photo I took of myself with my new new camera tripod. The mini tripod I mentioned previously I returned as it was NO good – it just kept sliding down. So I bought a normal size one instead.

Inca AT330 Tripod


Update on 90 minute shirt: I made 2 more last night from 2 of my old long sleeve tops that didn’t fit anymore. One in black with red trim and one in brown with duck egg blue trims.


Also, I don’t have any overlocker so couldn’t serge the edges (see the edge of the red trim), however, I used the wide zig-zag of my sewing machine to give the same effect (blue trim) – worked out quite well.


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