Argyle pattern applique

So I finished my first 90 minute shirt and I wanted to put a little design on the front. Here it is before any design:


I got the idea for the argyle pattern from one of Dana’s creations from MADE


So I got some red and grey felt, looked for an argyle pattern to get a nice diamond shape and found one here:


I also used double-sided iron on adhesive to help keep the felt on the t-shirt (but I still sewed it down to ensure it stayed on after numerous washing).


Once I stitched the 3 diamonds on, I marked where the contrasting stitching would go. I did this by marking the middle sides of each diamonds (blue crosses) first, then found middle between each diamonds (lined up with the tip and bottom of the diamonds – green crosses) and then drew lines through the felt diamonds.


At first I did the contrasting stitches by machine but it didn’t give the right effect. So I got some embroidery thread and hand sewn the stitches. I use fade-away pen to mark the fabric, and on the red felt, it faded a bit too quickly, so I marked it again and got a bit carried away (circled in yellow):


Can’t wait to make more of these t-shirts for the boys. Here’s Zach with the finished product:


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