My first little boy’s top

Now that I try to salvage old clothing to refashion, I keep a look out for any tutorials that I like which can use up any of it.

One of the craft blogs I regularly visit and has tutorials for crafts/sewing both for little boys and girls is MADE. Dana has this great 90 minute shirt tutorial. My dad gave me (or rather I insisted him give me any t-shirts he wasn’t using anymore) 2 white t-shirts which at first I was going to refashion into something for myself. But this little shirt was way too cute not to try.

Old Tee


I bought a metre of navy knit ribbed fabric from Lincraft the other day (as they had a special on it for $3.99/metre). So, armed with an old onesie, an old t-shirt and some knit ribbed, I set out to work. Now I didn’t time myself, but once I finished, I could see how this could be a 90 minute shirt – it is just so simple to make.

So I unstitched an old onesie instead of cutting it apart (that way I had the exact shape to make the pattern). I cut the pattern out from one of the t-shirts – I made a short sleeve version as Dad’s t-shirt wasn’t big enough to have fabric to cut out long sleeves.

 After following the tutorial, making sure I followed it properly (sometimes I get too excited and think I know what I’m doing and go ahead and sew. Then find out I missed a step and have to un-stitch – not happy Jan!). I only had to unstitch a couple of times – whoops!

It turned out very cute, tried it on Zach and worked out quite well. Next step is to put a cute applique on it – will write another post about that later.


Whoops, a bit too close - I had camera on zoom

Zach looking so adorable


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