My guys

My guys (the big one and the 2 little ones) make me laugh, smile, cry and overall, just oh so happy. I love spending time with them and love discovering new things about them.

Zach is 15 months and growing up so fast. Every day brings on new developmental milestones.

He is such a wise old soul who always seems to be deep in thought, but when he smiles … the beam lights up your day!

Joshy-poshy, at 2 and a half, is my cheeky little monkey. He likes to put on a show and tries to make me laugh …


… when he’s not in one of his moods.

 They are becoming such great playmates (when the mine-itis doesn’t hit)

I love watching Edward interact with the boys. They get sad when he leaves in the morning, but get oh so excited when they hear him come through the door in the afternoon – they run to the door screaming “Daddy!”. They love bath time with Dad and I love hearing the giggles, the laughter, the funny games they play and the songs they sing.

Edward and I celebrate our 2nd year wedding anniversary tomorrow. We celebrated on Friday night by dropping off the kids at my parents’ place and we went out to one of the pubs in Chinatown – I even got to sing karaoke (Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody). We had such a great night, I love listening to his stories and discovering new things about him.

 Happy Anniversary Edward! May we keep dancing to the same music!


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