Repurposed flat sheet to childrens’ cubby house

Okay, as I had mentioned in a previous post, the apartment complex we live in are repairing some of the balconies. We don’t have one, but because we live on the ground floor and have balconies above us, they of course would need access to our courtyard to put the scaffolding in.

Today, I got informed that the builders will be taking over our courtyard as of today (shame, as the weather is still quite warm, but we won’t be able to play in our courtyard). Have to find other ways of entertaining the boys inside (I don’t think I can venture out everyday to keep them occupied and entertained. So, one of the projects that I had on my to do list was to make a cloth cubby house that would go over our dining table.

Door to courtyard bordered up

Scaffolding taking over the courtyard

Can’t use the courtyard for a while 😦

A couple of weeks ago, when we were cleaning out the linen cupboard, we had some queen size flat sheet that had faded already and we weren’t using anymore. It would be perfect to use for a cloth cubby house, rather than buying new fabric.

So today, as soon as the builders started to dismantle the fence, I got the flat sheet and started to make a cubby house. The width was the perfect length to go over from one side of the table, over the top and then back down again. The length was just short for both side to be covered, but that was alright as that would function as the door.

I placed the sheet over the table and pinned down the corners to get a nice perfect fit and just sewed along the pin markings. I first sewed 2 corners at the end and then refitted it to check for a snug fit – worked out quite well. The bits that I had cut off the corners, I used to make door flaps at the under end.

See the difference in the colour?

I then added a window at the other end (I plan to put 2 more – one on each of the long sides of the table), but for the moment I’ve got one. I used some black netting I had on hand from my fabric stash.

Josh going through the door …

… and giving mummy a hi-five

Later on in the night, I did add 2 more windows on each side.

Foundation established

I can still use the top of the table while the boys play underneath

So now the fun part begins, to decorate the boys’ house. A few ideas I have in mind are:

  • House number
  • Mail box (with pocket on the inside, so we can put mail/treats in it)
  • A garden, using Velcro to attach veggies such as carrots, tomatoes …
  • A tree, maybe an apple one, also using Velcro so the boys can collect them
  • A brick facade

If you have any other ideas, please let me know and leave a comment.


One thought on “Repurposed flat sheet to childrens’ cubby house

  1. OMG I LOVE IT!!! I would never think of making such a cubby house – you’re so clever!

    Maybe you could build a roof top with a chimney??

    You’re such a fun mum!! xx

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