Hooray, my stuff is being sold at a retail outlet

Yep, that’s right! I am so excited. It all started when I showed what I had made so far to our building complex’s Receptionist and Maintenance Co-ordinator, Amanda. Most of the time, when she’s out the front and not busy, I go over (with the boys in tow) and show her my latest creations.

So on Friday, before she left, I thought I might show off a bit. She really liked them and was full of praise. She asked who I sell them to and I told her about my etsy store, and also at the moment to friends who have been reading my blog and Facebook updates. She asked whether I would sell to retail stores and for the moment, with the small stock, I said maybe in the future.

This is when she told me that she was going to Young (situated in the south west region of southern New South Wales, Australia, just two hours drive from the Canberra area) to visit her mum over the weekend. Over there, she has a friend who has a store that sell fudge, homewares and giftwares. She wanted to show some of my creations to her (she took 10 different items: small buttercup bags, little caps and variety of the crochet children’s beanies).

Early this morning, I heard a little knock on our door and as I opened it, I saw Amanda with the bag I placed the stuff in – empty! I tried to contain my excitement as she explained how she showed my stuff to her friend and the feedback she gave her and that she bought ALL 10 of the stuff. She said she should have taken more.

BUT, good news, she is going there again over the Easter weekend (not this weekend, but next). She would like to take more over to try to sell for me.

My brain is just working overtime with all the stuff I want to make by then – I wish I could make them as fast as I can think of new stuff to make.

So the store is called Poppas Fudge Factory located on Lovell Street, Young. Poppa’s Fudge Factory is an emporium of giftware, homeware, gourmet lollies and of course fudge. Can’t wait to find out how my stuff sell. Here are some of the stuff she bought:



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