CYSN Swing Tags

Today, I spent most of the day making and perfecting the swing tags I will attach to the stuff I am going to sell. With a lot of adjustments, I am happy with the final outcome.

P.S. I also sold my first Breezy Brimmed Beanie (hot pink, size 6-12m) – yay!

Below is one of the first attempt – wasn’t too keen on the layout. I really wanted to use the picture I had of the bonsai tree from the Chinese Garden, Darling Harbour – plus it’s in keeping with the theme of Cook You Some Noodles.


A few people have asked what’s with the name of my blog (also the name of my etsy store). It’s actually referenced from a 1996 Hong Kong martial arts/comedy film called Forbidden City Cop. Hubby (boyfriend at the time)and I watched it a while back on the SBS channel, going back nearly 9 years ago. There was a bit in it where the main character was having a full heated argument with his wife, and then she suddenly says “Are you hungry? I’ll make you some noodles”. The husband stops mid-sentence, shrugs his shoulders and then says “What the hell.”

WARNING: Sappy moment coming up

Then one time after that, Edward and I were having, I am sure, a silly argument, when he suddenly stopped and asked “Do you want me to cook you some noodles?” We stopped arguing, had some noodles and everything was fine. Ever since then, when we know an argument is over something silly or minor, one would turn to the other and ask “Cook you some noodles?”

So the name of the blog comes from that. Cook You Some Noodles is a reminder that everything is fine, don’t sweat the small stuff – love the little things in life. Small precious moments added all together make one ball of HAPPY (sappy I know, but hey, what can I say, loving life at the moment :))


Anyhoo, back to the swing tags. I used Picnik to edit the picture and add text to it. The final one I ended up with is below:


On the back, I made another sticker that I can write the Item, Size, Colour and Price on and also the Care Instructions:


Tomorrow I will rest from the crafty projects and kick a ball with the boys – TGIF!


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