How to make a hat stand

Ok, I’ve been making a few crochet hats for babies and toddlers and I wanted to display them nicely to take pictures. The other little caps I made before, I just stuffed it with a hand towel and it sat up fine. However, with the crochet beanies, they’re too floppy to do that. So I thought I’d go out and buy a hat stand. 

I went to Lincraft today, and as suspected, the styrofoam head they had was adult size – similar to the one below: 


This would have been too big for the little hats I’m making. So I thought of making my own. I bought 2 styrofoam balls (14″ and 19″ in circumference) and bell-shaped ones for the stands 


To make your hat stand(s) you’ll need styrofoam shapes, bamboo skewers and glue if needed (in my case, I didn’t use any): 


Here’s what to do: 

  1. Cut a little bit off top of the bell shape foam to make it flat
  2. Do the same with the ball-shaped foam(s)
  3. Get 3 bamboo skewers and cut them to size – the length I did mine were just a little under the height of the bell shape foam (you don’t want it to go all the way thru the bottom) plus halfway the height of the ball
  4. Then insert the skewers through the bell shape.
  5. Find the centre of the ball, then slowly push down onto the skewer sticks (be carefull that it is centred, or else it will not balance)
  6. Keep pushing the ball down on the skewers until it lays flat against the bell shape

There you have it, a hat stand. 

Cut a little bit of the foam pieces flat

Insert bamboo sticks to bottom piece of the stand

Slowly push the ball down onto the sticks

There you have it, a hat stand!



2 thoughts on “How to make a hat stand

  1. Where did you buy these foams? Do you remember how much it cost you? I priced a round (ball) foam at Walmart and they were more expensive than the actual foam /hat stand. there is a website that sells the foam hat stand stand for approx. $5/stand.

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