Weekend Update

Haven’t posted for a while – well since Friday lunchtime. A few things went down – the weekend (from Friday night that is) hubby and I had separate events we attended to: Friday night hubby caught up with a workmate for drinks, Saturday he caught up with his friends and played golf and Sunday I caught up with girlfriends for a “Girls’ Picnic” lunch at the Gazebo Wine Garden @ Elizabeth Bay (more on that later).

Since I am making and selling “Little Caps” for toddlers, I thought with winter coming up, I also better make some beanies. There have been two styles I’ve wanted to make (newsgirl style cap for girls and beanie with a visor for boys) and scouted the net for free patterns. However, they never turned out the way I wanted, so in the end, I thought I’d buy the patterns for them.

The newsgirl cap “Breezy Brimmed Beanie” is from The Yarnchick’s Etsy shop and the Beanie Visor is from Aukies. Spent most of the spare time on Saturday trying out the Beanie Visor pattern, but had to re-do as I made the size for Joshua’s age, but forget he has a big-ish head and so I unravelled it and made the bigger size.

Today, I have made 5 of the Breezy Brimmed Beanie for girls (3 x 3-6months size and 2 x 6-12months size). The night is not over yet, so will probably make 1 more before I go to sleep, one in 12-24month size. Stay tuned for photos – even I am drooling on their cuteness.

 Now, re: my lunch with my girlfriends. 7 girls caught up at 2pm at Elizabeth Bay for a “Girls’ Picnic” lunch for Anne-Marie (my old boss) – the start of a  series of get-togethers for her as she will be moving back to Queensland. It was such a lovely day: great company, great food and service – highly recommend it.


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