Toddler Backpack

I was looking around for a pattern of a toddler back pack and I came across this tutorial from indietutes. This pattern is free and I am able to sell bags I make from it – for her Charity (also her name) I donate a small amount for her generosity in sharing . The fabric I used  had roads, cars, planes and boats on it – I had already made the boys a road playmat before – but because I saw it during a 50% off sale, had to buy it for later use.     

As you know, something easy and quick to make is what I look for in a craft project and this was one of them. It took me only a few hours with playing and feeding the boys in between.     

I hope to make more of them and maybe put some pockets inside and/or outside. I put velcro on this one to keep the opening closed when Joshua puts more of his stuff in it. The only tricky bit to this was I had to make sure the pattern lined up at the front of the bag flap opening. Also next time I will use a much heavier interface to give a sturdier shape to the bag (I put some handtowels in the bag to make it stand)     


Road playmat I made last year


Patterns on the fabric used for the bag  

The front ...

... sides ...

... and back


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