My 2-week Exercise Challenge

I know it’s only the start of autumn, but before long winter will be here and with winter comes bulky clothes – bulk to hide behind. I didn’t want to put on anymore weight during the cold months, so I thought I’d try to tone up. As I have been “bleating” to my husband for a while now, I thought I’d give myself a challenge.

Mind you, losing weight is not my goal, but more to tone areas that I’m not too happy with. I guess it’s not as if I’m too unhappy with my weight, it’s more the way some clothes fit (or rather doesn’t fit). My main concerns are my thighs and my tuck-shop-lady arms (wobbly under the triceps). So today, I started my exercise – just 30 minutes per day for the next 2 weeks.

We have a gym downstairs in our apartment complex, so thought better make good use of it. I have no exercise regime, just do some of it. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill, every 5 minutes I changed the speed or incline. The fastest speed I went up to was 9km/hour and the highest incline of 15 (at 5km/hour) – was very difficult but did the whole 5 minutes (not sure if I’ll have it at that setting again too soon).

I burnt 140 calories (not really that important to me) and walked/jogged 3km. I measured my thighs, bum, waist and arm (sorry, not posting those measurements), however I will publish I how much I lose in 1 week and then in 2 weeks. Wish me luck (and hope I stick to it) – update next Sunday.


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