1st week of March

As previously mentioned, we didn’t have the computer hard drive for the first 5 days of March. However, had a fantastic time with my little guys, watched “Cars” the movie DVD (a lot) , made banana pancakes and, overall just had a fabulous time.  

Chillaxing watching "Cars" the Movie - woops, windows need a good clean


Friend of mine inspired me to make banana pancakes (as she made some for her little boy) – however, the recipe she had given required more than the 1 banana I had that was getting overripe in the fruit bowl. I found a basic recipe here, that required only 1 banana. Boys loved it!    

Pancake got better and better after each batch

Sharing is caring


Josh and Zach are growing to be great playmates – that’s if neither of them is in a tanty mood 😛   

Watching "Cars" - again!

Going in for a cuddle ...

Brotherly love - squeeze!


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