Computer Back

I finally got the computer back after sending it away on Monday to get fixed. On one hand, was actually great not to have the computer – got a lot of things done: cleaned the linen cupboard, re-organised our bookshelves, sorted all those boxes that I didn’t know its contents and so on and so forth (hubby said that maybe he should send the computer away more often to get serviced :)). On the other, I haven’t been able to showcase all the new stuff I’ve made, surf the web to get more inspirations or chat on-line with friends.

However, Josh, Zach and I have had such a fabulous time. Joshua knows more colours, numbers and words to his favourite songs. While Zach is getting more confident with his walking, says “Ma-ma” and did a little jump when I put his favourite DVD on.

So, I’ve got quite a few catch-ups to posts – stay tuned!


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