My Etsy Shop

I have now opened my Etsy store and listed a few items … cannot upload anymore of my new creations due to the computer bug, so hopefully by next week I can showcase the 4 bags (2 smalls and 2 large buttercup bags) I’ve made to date (26th February) – I’m sure it’ll be more by then. 

In the meantime, here are some recent random pictures I was able to upload before the computer crash. 

Josh not getting HIS way

Zach relaxing watching DVD in their room

Enjoying vegemite on toast for breakfast

Zach enjoying noodles for dinner


We had dinner at mum and dad’s a while back (12th February) and my brother and his family were there too. Here are some pics from the night. 

Josh with his cousins Ashley and Stacey

My brother and his mini-me!

Super Josh

Josh showing Stacey his "choo-choo" moves


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