Pasta Necklace

It’s a beautiful day today and Josh wanted to play out in the courtyard, however they are doing some work on some of the balconies in our apartment complex. So there are a lot  jackhammering and metal-cutting noises going on, which he isn’t too fond of.So I thought I’d get him to make a necklace out of penne pasta. I got some yarn and added a button at the end (to stop the pasta) and wrapped sticky tape on the other end to act as a needle. 

I showed Joshua how to thread the yarn thru the pasta and once he knew how to do it, he told me to go away. Great concentration activity and quiet time for Mum 🙂 

What you'll need

Threading the pasta through ...

Showing Mum how it's done

Noise would stop for a bit, so Josh played outside with his bus and his new necklace


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