… On a Sunday afternoon …

The day started off with some housework – had done 3 loads of washing, cleaned the courtyard, tidied up the boys’ room and the lounge and gave the boys their breakfast, all before 10am. The morning was so beautiful, so I got the boys to play in the courtyard with their toys. It was great hearing them giggle trying to chase each other on their tricycles or the ball.

I’m waiting to buy the license to sell what I make from the Little Cap patterns I bought the other day. So in the meantime, I made a couple of caps from some of the fabric stash I have, in between the kisses and cuddles from the boys.

The first one was from a thicker fabric (I am not sure the type of fabric it is, maybe wool) which would be great for colder months. This size is 2-3T and suitable for a little girl, however when my boys modelled it, it was very Elmer Fudd “I’m hunting wabbits”.

The 2nd one was in denim with a red car applique. Zach wasn’t too keen on modelling it, so he doesn’t look too happy in the shot.



Later on we sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” – the boys getting tickled while on Dad’s lap. We had lots of fun this Sunday afternoon. Afterwards the boys had some snacks and warm milk and sat quietly on the couch watching TV. After a while, Zach got very quiet …


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