Little Caps

On Made By Rae, her Feb 17 post was Boy Sales & Specials which featured patterns from Magpie Patterns. I saw the picture of the Little Cap from Leila and Ben and I had to get it.  

I made the smaller size yesterday (which was for 12m – 2T) thinking that should be the right size for Zachery, wrong! He’s head circumference is that of a mid-percentile 3-year-old. The first attempt was way too small for him, so this morning, I made another one in the bigger size (3T-5T) and that fitted Zach fine, however, he’s not too keen on hats at the moment and just pulls them straight off. That hat is now Joshua’s and I made another one for Zach and attached velcroed straps to it – now there is no chance of him getting the hat off.  

Because they were so easy to make, I wanted to make one for a little girl and I added a felt flower to it – this one I am giving to my friends’ 19 month old daughter.  

My guys waiting patiently for me to finish the little caps

Josh with his argyle little cap

Zach strapped in his little cap


One thought on “Little Caps

  1. VERY NICE!!! i liked all the little caps you made its very simple but really really looks good..You are so creative…actually I loved also the headbands!Keep up the good work!!!

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