Brown Sugar Spiced Shortbread

I don’t do too much baking, however I have made cakes a few times (e.g. Joshua’s 2nd birthday cake), a few biscuits and creme caramels.

Choo-choo I'm 2!


I found a nice recipe for brown sugar spiced shortbread a while back and have made it a few times already, but ever since Joshua’s been able to follow instructions, I’ve wanted to bake with him. Today was a great opportunity (while Zach napped). It’s very simple and easy (theme of my cooking) and you just need the following recipes: white sugar, brown sugar, plain flour, butter and ground cinnamon.

Need only a few ingredients


As mentioned, since I don’t bake a lot, we don’t have all the necessary tools, however, we made do with Josh’s play dough rolling-pin and cutters in the shape of a car, a bird and a spaceship. So I popped on a Thomas the Tank Engine gardening apron on Josh 😛 (present from his Lola (grandma) Clarita) and off he went kneading and rolling.

Josh in his apron

Josh in his apron

Kneading ...

... and rolling ...

... using his play dough toys


Ding! after 25 minutes and cooling time, it was ready to be eaten. Success! The boys found it yummy.

Finished product

Snack time ...

Zach's enjoying it - yum!


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