Joshua’s Toddler activities

I am getting Joshua to do more different activities to stimulate his mind, as I have been guilty of turning on the TV or the DVD player a bit too much (the weather in Sydney hasn’t helped either with rain all of last week).    

We got an oppurtunity to go outside into the courtyard and do some painting. We took this time to also learn some of our primary colours.    

Josh enjoying being outside, even though it was humid (sweating a bit here)

Big grin from Zach, enjoying his Vegemite toast

Zach taking it easy in the background


My aunty bought Joshua a Mickey Mouse DVD called Mickey’s Adventures in Wonderland for Christmas (inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland). In it there is a cuckoo clock and Josh now points to any clock by saying “cock” – I just have to make sure when out in public I acknowledge by saying (out loud) “Yes, that’s a clock!”. So I made him a clock (from here) to use when we practise our numbers.    

Joshua's clock


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