Cozy Car Caddy

Remember the left over part of the jeans from my Cut Off Denim Shorts? I found a really great project for it.

Somehow yesterday I didn’t move too much from the computer, I was in a lull and needed some inspirations re: craft projects. So I searched the web for craft blogs and like to do my search via Images tab on Google.

There are a lot of craft and sewing projects out there for little girls and not a lot of great projects for little boys. So when I spot a great blog that has a lot of projects for boys, I get all excited for the new things I can make my boys. Blogs Made By Rae and Made (links on my Blogroll) provide an excellent resource for finding ideas when it comes to making things for our boys. They also established the Celebrate the Boy Flickr Pool.

I saw a picture of a Cozy Car Caddy posted by Tall Tales and she got the idea from So You Think You’re Crafty from Homemade By Jill – yes, I was on the computer most of the time that day 🙂

So I used the left over of the jeans for the denim and some green cotton fabric for the inside lining and of course rummage through my felt stash for the other parts of the project.

I used felt for the numbers as I didn’t have any paint handy (plus I wanted to finish it by the next day so Joshua could use it). For the car applique, I used a car shape from Josh’s quilt cover set. I used an old broken belt for the belting and I made it into a handle so Josh could carry it around. I omitted a few of the steps from the tutorial, either I didn’t have the supply (the piping) or I knew I would mess it up if I did it (sewing around the entire outside edge).  Josh saw it and started playing with it and making car noises – Vroom, vroom!


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