Zach’s 1st Haircut

Okay, there’s this Filipino thing about cutting baby’s hair after their 1st birthday (must find out from my mum what it all means). Just like throwing the baby’s first nail clippings over stairs (superstitious thing about ensuring baby will have good balance/grip when walking up and down the stairs when they grow up).

Well Zach’s hair is not as thick as Josh’s was when he was one, but he had this longer parts at the back of his head that made it look like he had a mullet. So today it was the day for the haircut.

We got Zach on his high chair, pushed it into the kitchen (easier to clean up afterwards) and distracted him with what we could find in the kitchen cupboard (that was safe to play with, of course) – box of band-aids, box of birthday candles. I made sure I used a pair of scissors that was not the pointiest, but alas, I still managed to cut the knuckle of the middle finger.

After Edward gave the boys a bath and a few more minor snips here and there, my little baby looked SO handsome – he looks like a little boy now. Below are the photo of before and after:

After – shying away from the camera

After getting his hands on his brother's crayons


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