Fairy Mariane Doll

I finished another Mariane Doll order. This one was for a 3-year-old girl named Jodie (photo of her below). Eleonor (my cousin – who also ordered the Claire Mini-Mariane Doll) said that Jodie “is very witty and likes colouring in. She also likes fairies. Cindy (the mum) plans on dressing her up as a fairy on her birthday”.  

My cousin Eleonor (left), Cindy and her daughter Jodie


So I thought a nice pink fairy would be great. Making this doll was a bit different to the other dolls I made as the recipients were grown ups. I had to make sure it was safe for a toddler to play with (nothing small than can be swallowed). So I couldn’t put too much embellishments on it, but I still had to make sure it was of the same standard and quality as my other dolls.  

I made this fairy doll sitting down so she can sit next to Jodie and I gave her movable arms (by placing buttons in the inside of her arms). She has a nice pink tutu and ballet shoes. Also, for the wings I made them fully of felt as I couldn’t put any type of wiring for safety reasons and I made her hair the same style as Jodie’s in the picture. She turned out beautifully and I’d be proud to have her as my little fairy angel.  




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