Playdate and Zach’s 12 month check-up

Today Josh, Zach and I made our way to Glebe for a playdate with some of the kids and mums from our Mums’ Group and also to get Zach’s 12 month check-up at the Early Childhood Centre.   

It’s when I push the pram with both Josh and Zach up the hill that I realise how heavy they are getting and in Sydney, you go up the hill when you go out and you go up the hill when you go back home.   

Josh and Zach met up with River and Harper (with mum Karlee), Joshua and Brooke (with mum Kate) and with Maya (with mum Lyn). They had a go on the swing and Josh especially liked the slide. As for Zach, he was happy to walk around and play with the toys Maya and River had brought.   

Zach’s check-up was at 11.30am, so with Josh happily staying behind, Zach and I went across to the Early Childhood Centre. With Zach a healthy and active toddler and meeting all his growth and development milestones, he’s stats are:   

Weight: 11.7kg (75th percentile), Height: 79.5cm (50th percentile) and Head Circumference: 49.2cm (97th percentile – translation: BIG HEAD!)   

The boys had a great time meeting and playing with their friends.  

Zach more interested in Thomas than being on the swing


Joshua enjoying the slide


Zach a bit closer to the ground and enjoying the toy car


The two Joshuas


Josh and Zach’s little friends:   

Brooke - 9 months


Joshua (Brooke's big brother)


Harper (10 months) with mum Karlee


River (Harper's big sister)




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