Mini Mariane Doll

I received another order for a Mariane Doll mid January and this was for her friend for her birthday. The requirement was for the doll to be half the size of the normal Mariane Doll (which is approx. 32cm/12in) so “[she] …able to pin it on her or on her bag like an accessory”.

I was given a few photos to work with:

So I reduced the pattern for the doll to 2/3 the size (I first reduced it to 50%, but that was too small). I made the hair fully blonde as that was part of the request. I sewed on a ring to the top of the head and attached a red cord to it – she ended up being 25cm/10in tall. I quite like her high-top shoes and the graphic on her t-shirt


3 thoughts on “Mini Mariane Doll

  1. right on the money in answering the design brief! Simply brilliant Mariane! You never cease to amaze! I can’t wait to see the other one you’re making for me. 🙂 Thank you so so much!

  2. Hi,

    I’m Eleonor’s friend and you made me a Mini Mariane Doll before. I really loved it and wondering if you can make another one (same mini size) for my friend. It’ll be her birthday next month so I’d love to give her sth nice.

    Could you let me know if it can be delivered by 8th August and how much it will cost?

    Thanks very much!

    • Hi Claire,

      So glad you love your doll – I really enjoyed making her. Send me a pic of your friend in the outfit you’d want the doll in (to then I can see what will be involved in making the doll and give you a quote. I should be able to have it to you by the 8th August.

      I await your e-mail.


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