Yvonne & Jimmy’s Wedding

30th January, 2010 actually started with me getting to sleep after 3am. Didn’t get to sleep in, still woke up around 6.30am (with both Josh and Zach calling out for Edward and I).  As the boys were going to get babysat by my parents, we thought to make sure to still spend some time with them. So off we went to the shops to get some breakfast, stopping by the playgym and Thomas the Tank Engine ride for Josh. Normally the playgym has kids of different ages, this morning they were all from Zach and Josh’s age group, so Zach was able to play too.

Once home, we got the boys organised to go over to their Lolo and Lola’s place. Edward got them all dress and they were well behaved while we got their things sorted:


The ceremony was at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on Grosvenor St, Sydney, so Edward and I just caught a bus to Circular Quay. The reception was at Riverwood, in the Grand Ballroom of  Conca D’oro – a couple of friends, Edward and I caught a train there. Below are some of the photos from the day:


Edward and I had such a great time and enjoyed the day.


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