Groom Mariane Doll

Through the course of Yvonne’s Hens party, I had heard that Jimmy got a tan rafting during his Bucks getaway. So when I started to make the groom Mariane Doll I chose a different shade skin tone felt for the skin. Unfortunately, once I nearly finished the doll and stood it next to the Bride Mariane Doll, it was too dark. Looking at photos of Yvonne and Jimmy, Jimmy’s skin tone is very close to Yvonne’s, so I had to re-make it (pictures of the original darker skin toned doll below).

After looking in the felt drawer, I had discovered I had run out of the light skin tone felt. So, got the boys in the pram, caught the monorail to the city and bought a few more sheets of light skin tone colour, then back home to start on the new doll. I guess the good thing with having to do something again is that you do it a bit better than the original or discover short cuts on doing things. Once I knew how to do the parts of the doll, it was much quicker to make, until I got to the hair. I had to do that a few times as it didn’t look like Jimmy’s hairstyle. So, after 3am Saturday morning, I finally finished the groom doll. Photos of him below plus with the bride doll.


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