Australia Day

It’s 26th January 2010, Australia Day, weather forecast was maximum 31 degrees celsius – and we felt it. We just came back from the McLeod’s Australia Day BBQ Bash in Leichhardt. After sourcing the nearest bottlo (liquor store) near Anne-Marie and Dean’s place (for Edward’s beers and my coke, as I was driving) we arrived at the McLeod’s place with a few guests already there. We set up our pram and chairs in the available shady spot and started to mingle among the guests.         

Zach happily sitting in the pram, at first


Josh a bit shy and wanted to stick by his dad, at first


Whole lamb on a spit - looks good!


Once we told Josh that he could have some doritos and lemonade, he was happy to sit by the steps (but making sure his dad wasn’t too far away). After a while, he got a bit more confident and mingled with the other guests (or more like making a bee-line for the doritos bowl – we used his toy truck as a bowl).           

Josh happy with his chips while his dad chats with other guests


Josh enjoying lemonade for the first time


Chip truck


Josh a bit more relaxed and moving around




After a few drinks and catching up with friends, the food was ready. Yum to the lamb and all the lovely salads that went with it. Onya Anne-Marie and Dean.         

Zach with Dean


Anne-Marie and MORE meat on the barbie


Carvin' up the lamb


Zach having a nice cold apple juice ...


... but got too hot outside - went indoors and took his shirt off ...


... and devoured some chicken wings and lamb


Me & a friend, Vaugn


Post BBQ, we got home and got the boys down to the huggies. Josh and Zach enjoyed playing chasing and giving each other hugs and kisses – it was such a joy to watch.          

Zach chewing on the cord of the sun hat he didn't want to wear


Josh getting up close and personal


Josh doing a "Risky Business" dance


My two little guys - Josh showing off his band-aid grazed knee



Here are some more pics of them playing:        

The boys having a bit of a wrestle


My little panda with his bamboo leaves


Make me a Super Model


What a GREAT day!


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