Tinkerbell Costume cont’d

Ventured  into Paddy’s Market in Chinatown yesterday to see if anyone was selling cheap white stockings. I did think of making the fairy wings black and just making Tinkerbell gothic but I do want to stick to the right colour scheme of Tinker’s outfit. Along the way, the boys and I stopped over Ultimo library and returned all the books, videos and DVDs we borrowed last year.     

So, really have the wings left to do and maybe put white pom-poms on a pair of shoes I have, then my costume will be complete.     

Found white knee-high stockings at the markets 4 pairs for $10. At the same time found a nice black t-shirt dress and a fitted black skirt for $5 each. May have to scout out the bargain rack again without the boys – but they were good enough to have a bit of a nap. Afterwards, we got some Maccas and watched the seagulls and pigeons.     

Josh enjoying nuggets with sweet & sour sauce


Zach keeping an eye on the seagulls


This seagull knows he aint gettin' any chips from us


I found a video tutorial from Threadbanger on how to make fairy wings. I got 4 wire coathangers (thanks to my Dad – I normally chuck them out), pliers and some wool yarn.   

After shaping the coathangers, fitting the stockings over it (a few had to get thrown out after they got major runs in them), putting glitter on 1 of the sections of the wings (then deciding against it – throwing out another piece of stocking), making little rosettes from the same netting and sewing clear bra straps (the ones that come with the convertible bras), I finally finished the wings.     



I will show the ensemble tomorrow before I go to the party.


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