Tinkerbell Costume

I am going to a friend’s hen’s day/night event this Saturday and the theme is fairytale. I’ve decided to go as Tinkerbell. After searching the web for a few different ideas on how I was going to make the costume on a budget, I went shopping yesterday and found a few items.

I bought a green dress for $5 and a metre and a half worth of netting that cost less than $5. When I got home, I looked up tutorials online and the one on Make It and Love It was the most helpful. 

After cutting the netting into strips and found a narrow white polka dot ribbon from my stash, I started tying the strips on the ribbon


After I finished tying the netting last night (or rather 1am this morning) I decided I wanted a wider ribbon. I scouted the shops again today and found a wider white organza ribbon. So I have untied the strips and will re-tie it on to the new ribbon.

After a few go’s of tying the netting strips, I was finally satisfied with the result. The width of the skirt is wide because it’s going to sit around my hips not my waist.

Next on the list is the wand. I gathered a few things I already had on hand: wire, chopstick, pliers and a star shape from a Tupperware shape sorter. I wrapped the wire around the star and then with extra wiring, attached it to the chopstick. I sprayed the star with adhesive glue and sprinkled it with glitter. I need to source more ribbon to wrap around the chopstick to cover the wire.


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